Monday, November 15, 2010

Slacking Off

I have been slacking on Thankful Thursdays and blogging in general- I have been slacking for a few reasons, to list a few:
  • Work- I LOVE MY JOB! But I have been very busy! We just finished our Trunk or Treat Event and it was a huge success! A lot of time and work went into to making it great!
  • Family- I've had family coming in and out of town, both to celebrate the good news from my grandmother (keep reading, I'll explain) and also to help take care of her now that she's back home.
  • School- Can I just say getting a degree is hard! WTAMU, you take up a lot of my time (and money) thank you, that is all.
  • And finally pets...Yes that's right, I said pets- WE CAN'T KEEP THEM HEALTHY!! How are we going to have kids when our vet bills are so high?!? (yes I'll explain this too!)
Let's get started: Even though it's not Thursday, I thought I should give you all an update on something I am thankful for! My sweet grandmother just returned home last Thursday from MD Anderson in Houston with a great report!!! Our prayers are being answered! The tumor in her lung is significantly smaller, the doctor told her even if it had stayed the same that would have been good news, but her Chemo pills are working!! The spots on her brain are also smaller or even gone! They won't have to go back for THREE months! I am so excited they get to be home for the holidays and that they received good news! Thank you Lord!

Secondly- The dogs- Jacob says how can we have kids when we have to take care of these dogs all the time...Oh I hope he's not right!!! Luke McCoy is in a cone-yes similar to the "princess crown" Mollee had to wear after her surgery. He would not stop licking the injured paw and per vets orders he is indefinitely in a cone. This cone seems to be an object of destruction too because Luke can't walk past something without his lovely cone knocking things off the coffee table, shelves, the bedside table, etc...he is a mess. AND MOLLEE--- Just found out last week that we will be returning to Dallas for another eye surgery for her. I am so bummed because I know she is in pain, but also because we don't really have an allowance for "dog surgery" so here hoping the new year will bring healthy puppies...If not: PUPPIES FOR SALE!!! (just kidding we are keeping them!:)) Matching pictures of their Prince and Princess Crowns to come-

On a good note though- My sweet friend Amber Dawes is going to be the one to make the trip to Dallas with me. Jacob can't take off work anymore and so we are going to make it into a girls weekend- spending time at her mom's house, going to Canton and of course I am sure we will find our way to the Cheesecake Factory!

That's all I have for now. Hope you all enjoyed the crazy snow we got! Amarillo weather is weird.
Have a great week! xoxo