Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday BABY!

Christmas Eve was my sweet and wonderful husband's birthday! It was his 21st birthday and I was so excited to spend it with him as his wife!!! Jacob and I started dating when we were 14 years old!! Can you believe that...14- We were babies! But every year I feel like Jacob has kinda gotten jipped by having a Christmas eve birthday! We don't even get to celebrate (that day) But he handles it the best! I am so proud of him and I'm honored to be his wife! Since Jacob is 21 I want to tell him 21 things I LOVE about him!!! Happy Birthday baby! Hope you had a great day!

21. You have the funniest, most random "sayings" I've ever heard
20. The way your eyes light up when I make oatmeal raisin cookies
19. Your such a CRAZY sleeper
18. You can make me laugh even when I am in the worst mood
17. The passion with which you do everything!
16. You are such a hard worker, you are the most determined person I've ever met- you make sure you succeed at whatever your doing.
15. You love to be outside
14. You always want to be up and doing something...painting, building, playing football, etc...
13. The way you love everyone, even if you just met them, your truly have a heart of gold.
12. Your smile
11. The way you ALWAYS sing! haha in the shower or in the garage or in the car I can hear you singing!!!!
10. Your always looking to do something nice for me
9. The way you love my parents!!! (this melts my heart)
8. The way you love Mollee (this REALLY melts my heart)
7. Your so simple and easy to please!
6. Your pride in our home, the worked you did with your own hands.
5. How your never ashamed to tell me or show me how much you love me, no matter who is around!
4. I love that you always have an encouraging word or good advice to give me when I'm down
3. Watching you play football. You were/are incredible, wow- I loved to watch you play!
2. The way you pray- the way you pray for me- the way you pray with me
1. Everything about you! You make me so happy and so proud and I am so thankful for you and everything about you! Thank you for all your hard work! Your my best friend and the love of my life!
Happy Birthday baby!!!

Pre Christmas Day Fun!

Jacob and I had a wonderful holiday weekend!! It was a blast to get together and see all our friends and family. We were so blessed!! My family went above and WAY beyond on Christmas gifts. Of course like I blogged about earlier we weren't going to go all out for one holds up their end of the bargain. However with all that being said---THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!! They got Jacob and I so much stuff but it was all very practical stuff that we needed..things like a cooler/ice chest, suitcase, clothes, stuff for our cars, matching pass port holders, candy ;) and gum, they bought us A COUCH!!!!!!! We are soo sooo soooo blessed!!!!!!! Thanks again!

Also- The night before Christmas eve Jacob and I took a carriage ride to look at Christmas lights. It was FREEZING!!!!! So we didn't get very many pictures but here a few of the ones we got. It was so fun and romantic!! It was a nice way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Jacob and I hosted an ugly sweater Christmas party last night. It was so fun to once again see everyone from high school and even our new friends who we didn't know in high school. I have truly enjoyed owning my own home and having a husband! Here a few photos of the party. We had some pretty yucky outfits! You be the judge!
The first couple: Jarrett Hudson and Haleigh Ward (they're pretty cute!)

Tyler and BarriJake, me and Haleigh
Me and MY FAVORITE REINBOLD FAMILY MEMBER (besides Jacob of course!!!) Love ya Mason!

Our sweet friends Nathan and Kayla Maxwell
Pretty gross haha
Jacob..not sure what he was rockin! But it was ugly!
Also ugly...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Poor Miss Mollee Kae!

So this morning I have some very sad news!! My poor sweet puppy is injured! I had to work last night and when I got home my wonderful husband told me what had happened. He was taking her outside to go potty and she always gets in such a rush to do things! She went running off the steps from the back porch and Jacob said she just kinda fell down and rolled- He thought her shoulder was hurt. So he checked her out and said she seemed fine. He didn't notice anything being wrong-she went potty and was ready to come inside. She always gets a treat for going potty (she's still a puppy haha) and when she came in she was jumping up at him expecting her treat! He noticed she was bleeding in her paw. When he looked closer he saw that she had broken her claw ALL THE WAY DOWN! It was to late to take her to the vet. He called my mom-who gave him GREAT instructions on how to clean it out etc...Then he took some pictures....
These make me so sad!! It hurts my stomach because I know it hurts her!! You know when you cut your fingernail to short or bend a nail back..I imagine this is way worse! She has an appointment to go to the vet today (this will be her SECOND appt THIS WEEK...that's a whole different story!) But the vet said she would probably have to get it taken out completely. He's going to take care of her today.
I just thought I'd share my pain this morning. Since we don't have kids yet, Mollee is our baby-As her momma it breaks my heart to see her in pain. I will let you guys know how it goes today at the vet. In the mean time she is being pampered all day!! Lots of treats, people food, laying in momma's lap, new bones, and her favorite blanket! She'll be back to normal in no time!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy but Blessed!

Well with holidays rushing on full speed ahead we have found ourselves SOOOO busy! Not only with our full-time jobs but I've been working extra with my mom like crazy and Jacob has been so busy too!! He also has a whole list of things he wants to do here at home. Example: Deck the attic, work on the fence, build garage shelves...busy busy busy! He also has been battling migraine headaches. They kind of come and go- he seems to wake up with them and then throughout the day the fade in and out. However he has gone a few days without one! So hopefully he's over that!
I just wanted to write though and let everyone know that we have not abandoned the blog-We just have been crazy! I will be posting pictures soon of our "ugly sweater Christmas party" that's coming up with all of our wonderful friends and of course pictures from the holidays!
Hope everyone is warm, blessed and happy during the holiday season!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I guess it's December

Well yesterday marked the first day of December. Thanksgiving weekend brought in snow, shopping and Christmas fever for many. However I must admit (and yes let the boo's start coming) I am not much up for the Christmas holiday. It is so frustrating to me the way that people rush around spending ungodly amounts of money on gifts and decorations etc and most people don't even remember the REAL reason for the season. So...this year at our house we are having a SMALL Christmas. ONE gift each to and from my parents etc...We wanted to focus this year on what Christmas is really about. The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. So instead of stressing out and buying loads of gifts and spending money that we don't have--Jacob and I are remembering the true meaning of Christmas. We are just mainly thankful that we get to spend it together!
Now--with all that being said- I finally got the Christmas Tree up and SOME of the decorations out. I don't think I will do much more this year. Since it's the first year in our new house though we did decide to do some. Enjoy!

I tried to include some pictures of the coffee table (there are a FEW small decorations on there) and of course the SWEET puppy laying on the couch enjoying the holidays more than I seem to be! :) I hope everyone truly has a wonderful holiday season. We are so blessed with great friends and family and I hope that each of you take some time to tell your loved ones that your thankful for them and that you love them because tomorrow is not promised to ANY of us!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Well since Jacob and I got married we have stumbled into this new "season" of our lives (as my mom would say) With change in my last name, my home, and my family comes a change in our tradition. I must admit I am excited and anxious to enter into this transition around the holidays! This year for Thanksgiving my mom and I are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for our family!!! I am sooo excited. For the past 20 years of my life we have spent Thanksgiving at my grandparents house- this year it was time for a much needed change! Since I am a wife now, I am looking forward to help prepare the meal for my husband and my family! I have never cooked or even helped cooked Thanksgiving dinner so this will be my first. I have a whole list of things that I am cooking to take to my moms...Things like broccoli cheese casserole, corn dip, pumpkin pie, layered salad and a few more yummy dishes to add to our table! I CAN'T WAIT.
Since I've been to the grocery store and I've started my prep work for Thursday I have had a lot of things on my heart and mind. I thought I would share just a few Thanksgiving thoughts. I am so Thankful for (first and foremost) my family. My husband and my parents are my very best friends! They know how to lift me up and encourage me each and every day! I am so thankful for this time in our lives where are growing closer and closer and doing new things together-I can't wait to see what our future holds. God has blessed Jacob and I beyond belief! He has given us this BEAUTIFUL home which I get to come to everyday. He has blessed us both with WONDERFUL jobs and great friends.
I am excited because Jacob and I are having a "thanksgiving party" at our house this year! Our friends that will be in town from school and of course the ones who already live here are coming over to celebrate the holiday season together, I look forward to seeing everyone! :)
of the holidays, cooking, parties, gifts, etc....but I am trying this year to slow down and enjoy the reason for the season. I pray all of you I hope that as this "season" in each of our lives passes that we don't loose sight of the things that matter the most- Faith, family and friends!! I know I get caught up in the hustle and bustlebloggers out there take a minute on Thursday and throughout the next few weeks to be thankful for the things that really matter!!! Happy eating to all of you! See ya at the gym next week! ;) (or maybe not!! Haha)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Epic Fail

Well thanks to my beautiful cousin Emily, I came up with the title to this post. I had posted these pictures on facebook and she commented "fail, epicly" haha I think that would describe tonight perfectly!!!

My sweet dad went out of town today for the whole weekend. So my mom and I spent the day together running our weekly errand s together and we had lunch and went to the store! It was a wonderful day! I decided to cook dinner tonight for her and Jacob and myself. I have been craving this YUMMY dish called saucy chicken and asparagus-it's fabulous! So I bought all the stuff and came home and quickly to put dinner together before my mom got here! I finally got the chicken done and the sauce made and put it in the oven. When she got here we poured a wonderful glass of wine and started to do some of the dishes while our dinner was in the oven. Jacob was in the living room watching the football and we were just standing in the kitchen and we heard this LOUD and crazy crash. It was like it just keep crashing and crashing. Jacob JUMPED up and ran into the kitchen- it took us a minute to realize what had happened. We opened the oven to find the following.....

We were SHOCKED to say the least. That was a glass dish that I have used a million times! I STILL have no idea what happened but needless to say dinner was ruined. It was SHATTERED all over the bottom of my oven...No explanation! We went to Rosas and ate instead! It was good but it wasn't what I was craving. My sweet momma stayed late and helped my clean my WHOLE oven...It was a disaster as you can see. But it was a memory haha! I will never forget this "epic failure"

And by the way...I just want to thank my mom again for helping me!! Not just today with the stove but with EVERYTHING!! You are my best friend and I love our weekly get together and daily conversations! I couldn't ask for a better mother or best friend! Hope you enjoy your weekend with the boy! ;) Maybe we will get lots of cleaning done haha! Love you mom! THANK YOU!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wedding Photos

I know, I know!! Lately I have been missing in action!! We've been so busy (like I always say!!) But truly we are so blessed with lots of work...side jobs and just busy schedules! I am thankful though! Tonight our wonderful photographer and friend Chriselda came over to eat dinner (and maybe drink a little wine ;)) She brought with her our wedding CD!! The pictures are GREAT and I am soo pleased (as always) by her work!!! We are scheduled to be on her wonderful (and much more exciting) blog on Friday ( but I figured I would give a sneak peek here on my blog!!

The pictures brought back the wonderful memories of that day and all the joy that came into our lives! I think pictures are so important because they truly capture emotion and the "realness" of an event! I love Chriselda as a friend, as a mother, as a person and as a professional...I commend you sweet girl!! Your hard work does not go un-noticed! :)

The picture above makes me so happy. He looked so handsome and it just makes me realize that how blessed I am to him to come home to every night.
The pictures above were taken before the wedding. Jacob and I agreed to see each other before. We met at the alter just me and him (and Chriselda ;)) We read a letter that we had bother written to each other and just spent time before the rush of a wedding. It was so special! I am so thankful we saw each other before!!
These few pictures above just remind me how wonderful families are. They are so important. Families should always be there for one another...right or wrong...They should have each other's back. No questions asked. I am blessed with a wonderful family who love me and support me. The people who truly value family and truly understand the grace of God came to this most special event in mine and Jacob's lives. It was an event that we will NEVER get back. I have no regrets! It was a beautiful and blessed day! Enjoy these next few random photos...More to come! :)He is my hero and my biggest fan! Love you dad!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I could get used to this!

I am home again today!!!!!! I must admit...I LOVE IT! I truly could get so used to being a stay at home wife...Hey- someone has to take care of the puppy right?!? haha! Just kidding, I better not get to used to this because I'm back to work tomorrow. But for today- I am in my pj's still with a cup of coffee and my sweet puppy asleep on my lap. It doesn't get better than this!

Today I have a lot to do though (I am sitting in front of the computer because I have a FOUR page report due on Friday and unfortunately I haven't even started.) So I am going to tackle that homework, clean the house and make lunch for my hubby who is coming home to eat! I can't wait for him to get here.. again! :) THEN I am going to the grocery store, the bank, and the cleaners with my mom and then tonight when Jake gets off work we are going to my parents house and my mom and I are going to make homemade tortilla soup!!! YUM!!! Since it makes so much we are going to cook it together (probably with some yummy wine :)) and then spilt the pot of soup! I am very excited and ready to see them!!!!

We had a wonderful and restful weekend! And back to the real world today (well for most of you-but ill be there with ya tomorrow!) Hope everyone has a great Monday!
Gotta start writing that paper!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthday fun and a little more!

Today I am home sick :( I think being around all those precious little kids everyday has got the best of me! I am praying for a quick recovery because I don't have time to be sick!! But it's been a little nice I must admit...Once I finally got out of the bed this morning I got busy!! It helped take my mind off my SORE throat and congested head! I dusted all the fans and started deep cleaning the house! I've been doing laundry and now I am about to start on dinner and do some homework! My SWEET mom and dad just left my house. They came over and brought me some Broccoli Cheese soup from Jason's Deli and a WaterStill tea! That will make anyone feel better! :) So I hope I am on the road to recovery!

This past week was wonderful!!!! I had a GREAT birthday and I got to spend time with the most important people in my life! It was so fun! My dad made some YUMMY steaks on the grill with shrimp kabobs and my mom made baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and onions, rolls, and the most awesome Oreo cheesecake ever!!! They are precious and Jacob and I ate like there was no tomorrow! Here a few pictures from the night!Jacob pointed out that my dad and I are saying 12 and he is only one saying 21! haha oops!
Also- My sweet husband took me out for ice cream for my birthday! He knows the way to my heart! haha! Here a few fun pictures from that night....