Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day and More Summer Fun!

We have had a blast this summer! It is passing by so quickly and it's been so busy already. We have had four wedding showers already this summer! Tis the season, for wedding bliss! Saturday night we spent the evening at a shower and Sunday we spent the day celebrating my WONDERFUL dad!!! I truly couldn't have ever asked for a better dad. He is an amazing christian man who loves my mom and me and he loves my husband! He loves the Lord and he is a great provider and friend! I trust him, adore him, look up to him and can't wait to watch him be the grandfather to my kids! He is a great example for Jacob of what a father should be and how to love your children and your wife! I couldn't be more blessed or proud to call this man my dad!! I LOVE YOU DAD- And I always have every second of every day...and I will always love you every second of every day! Thank you for making me feel like princess even in my adult life! XOXO

Some lovely iphone pictures that didn't get uploaded very well! Sorry about that!

Some of the best women I know!!

And here a two quick photos from last weekends wedding shower! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Fun has Begun!

We had such a fun night last night to start the summer off right! We finished up school on Friday and it was so nice to see friends and welcome the summer on!! Here are a few pics from a cook out!

Hopefully here in a few weeks I will update again with pictures of my NEW classroom!!! I am so excited to show it off (and get it done and ready for my new 1st graders!!)