Monday, May 24, 2010

Changes Birthed

Lots of new things are happening for myself and Jacob!
We got word of a job opening at Hillside Christian Church in December of last year. I wasn't sure right off the bat if I wanted to work in a church again. It's different when you are behind the scenes of something and especially something that you love. Hillside has been a FABULOUS church for our family and I love being a member here-So I knew it would take lots of prayer and careful consideration before pursing this job opportunity. Jacob and I prayed and prayed for several months about whether I was supposed to be back in the church or not. The Lord opened up the right doors and we started interviewing. I felt like I was listening to God and that he was leading me to Hillside. Well turns out I didn't get the job...The job I was interviewing for initially. However the night I found out I didn't get the job was the same night a new position was offered to me. I once again was hesitant to jump on board. The job offered to me was a interim role as the Elementary Associate here at church. We prayed about it and met with some of the staff and sure enough I started this month. It has been a wonderful experience with new and promising things for Jacob and I. Although it's only an interim position, meaning when they find someone to take the job permanently I will move on. But Jacob and I are praying about our future and letting God show us where we need to be. I feel great here at Hillside and I pray to be here long-term but I also pray to be where the Lord wants me.
  I just graduated with my Associates degree and I am quickly trying to finish my bachelor's degree so I can start teaching. But in the meantime we are just floating by-watching changes being birthed. :)

Also- Jacob is leaving for New York in the next few weeks. He and a buddy from high school are going a trip to see Dave Matthews Band in concert. I am nervous and excited for him. He will be gone for about 5 days, I will be spending lots of time with my wonderful parents! I am excited to veg out with them for the week!!
Jacob leaves a few days after we are getting this big boy fixed.
Can you believe how big he is!?! He went from sweet little innocent puppy- to full on BIG, ROTTEN, PUPPY! haha

It's been fun taking Luke to puppy training class and watching him develop his personality. Mollee is more patient with him than she used to be and I think it will only get better!
Anyway- there is an update on where Jacob and I stand. We are very busy with my new job and summer, and Jacob has been soooo busy with work! (which we are thankful for!!) But we wouldn't have it any other way. Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random Events

So Jacob and I have been very busy around the house and with finishing up this semester of school and of course with work. So I guess Ill just give you all the quick update in our lives.
A few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon we decided to paint the trim on the outside of our house. Jake  built shutters and I painted like there was no tomorrow. Here are few pictures- the first one is what it looked like before (yuck) and the next few are afters- new garage door, new front door and of course the black trim, trimmed trees, flower bed, etc....

I am so happy with the way it actually turned out! I think it helped the outside alot! We still have a lot of work to go though!!

Ok now the next random event: Jacob and I had supper with some friends a few nights back. We left Luke inside because we weren't gone all that long and he usually does really good....Well these next few pictures are what we found when we got home. The dog bed i supposed to be in the kitchen, the rug also belongs in the kitchen, and the snow pillow stuffing is from a couch pillow that Luke DESTROYED! Yikes! Needless to say-when we are away- he stays outside now...lessons learned.

And while all this sweet Mollee Kae is so sweet and innocent...poor girl!

Ok that's all the blogging I have time for- I have to get in the shower! Jacob and I are having lunch with our sweet friend Luis who is in town for a few days before he starts a rockin new job at the CAPITAL in Austin!! He's a great guy!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

A promise of something to come!!

Jacob is going to upload some pictures of our lives lately....
I promise to update SOON!
Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!