Friday, January 29, 2010

Luke and Mollee in the SNOW!

Yesterday was so much fun!! Jacob got off work early and when he got home- we agreed to get out in the awful snow and go to lunch with our two wonderful friends Nathan and Kayla Maxwell. Everything was closed of course but we ended up at Cheddar's with the rest of the crazies who got out in the snow!!! Anyway after we got back home Jake and I bundled up and took the puppies outside to play in the snow...

Luke LOVED it! He was diving in the snow and chasing Mollee, Mollee hated playing in the snow with Luke. Before Luke came into our lives, Mollee loved playing in the snow. However her and Luke can't seem to get along...we are hoping that in the near future they will be best friends!!! :)

Anyway here are some picture of the dogs playing in the snow. Luke has already grown so much and Mollee is just as pretty as ever!! :)

Mollee was begging to go inside the whole time we were out there!

Mollee was running from Luke-She didn't think it was a game and she certainly didn't think it was fun...Luke thought it was both!! haha

My sweet Mollee girl trying to get away!!
Look at how big he is already!!! He is so rotten...chewing and eating ALL the paint OFF a section of our base boards...Chewing my coffee table...ROTTEN-but so sweet and so smart! Love him!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Day

This morning I woke up at 5:45am to find that work and school were cancelled!! So I crawled back in bed with my husband and puppy and slept til a little after 7. It felt really nice to have an extra little bit of sleep and I am looking forward to being home all day cooking, cleaning and just picking up around the house.

Jake had to go to work this morning which is a bummer but I am here at home with the dogs! Mollee is sleeping sweetly on the couch and Mr. Luke McCoy is finally asleep--he is SOOOOO rowdy in the mornings. He just wants to play and play!! But he is asleep now and he looks so cute. I can't believe how much he's grown already!! He loves to run and play!!!! His tennis ball and his granddad (my dad.hahaha) are his two favorite things!!! My dad loves him so much already! He gets down in the floor with him and they play and play! It's precious!!!

Jacob and I have been really good about working with him and believe it or not Jacob has already taught him how to sit!!! He is going to be so smart! I can't wait for the dog that this rotten little puppy will become!

I hope all of you have a wonderful day snowed in (and if you had to get out--I hope your safe and warm!!!)
Ill post pics of Luke later!! Have a wonderful day!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

We are the new proud parents of....

Luke McCoy Reinbold.....

Jacob and I saw puppies for sale a few days ago, we stopped to look and of course my heart melted for them
. However with a sound "no" from my husband we came home empty handed. Once we were home our thoughts were filled with "we don't need another dog right now..." and "are we really ready for a puppy..a LAB puppy at that"
We took the number of the guy selling the know in case my parents or our friends wanted one. HA! The more we talked about it and prayed about and slept on it we decided to get a new puppy. He is precious! A full-blooded AKC registered black Labrador Retriever. His name is Luke McCoy Reinbold. I wanted to name him McCoy after my boy Colt of course, but Jake insisted that was silly! So we settled for Luke and I got his middle name :)
He has been such a joy these past few HOURS haha but don't let me fool you...I am terrified. My sweet Mollee girl is crushed and that has broken my heart! I have spent the past 3 hours in tears over breaking my girl's heart. However everyone has been very re-assuring that they will grow to love one another and be the best of friends! I am waiting for those days! In the mean time Mollee growls and bites at Luke and Luke playfully bites and can't figure out Mollee Kae....Here's to the next long while of chewing, chewing, chewing and sleepless nights and training etc.... But I know he will be worth it! Here a few pictures of him right after we got him.

Here a few pictures of Mollee being really mad about her new brother! :(
Here he is again! Sweet boy!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is the day that my sweet and beautiful mom was born.....50 years ago. I was a little nervous to proclaim her age on the blog but she has never been one to care about those things. Plus I'm excited she's 50! What a neat thing to have lived for 50 years! I hope she wears proud!!! She has so much going for her and I am so blessed to have her as my mom. Im just sorry that today she has to share her birthday with the Cowboy's game. She may be overlooked by fans yelling but being serious...We all love you mom and wish you a very very very happy birthday!

Dear Mom-
I am so blessed to know such an incredible woman. You have poured life into me since was born and I am so proud to call you Mom. I hope today and for the next 50 years you embrace your age!! You are gorgeous and sweet and super fit! :) I love everything about your 5o year old self! I have learned more from you now that I am a wife than I think I ever have before! You have taught me so many wonderful things over the years and I am so glad that you are not only my mom but my VERY best friend! Celebrate today! Your the best coyote I've ever known..haha. Once again- Hope your day is full of smiles and happiness! Your are wonderful inside and out! I love you to pieces! xoxo
-Your baby girl!

P.S. I thought about listing 50 reasons why you are super but I want to make it to the gym by 9:30 and that only gives me an and half! And you must admit...50 is a LOT haha (just kidding mom! Love you!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Questions of Confession

Just wondering this morning.....
About a man.

Yesterday as I was driving to my parent's house to visit with my mom I saw an older man walking down the street. I immediately recognized him. When I used to live at home I would see him daily...just walking. All year long he walks up and down Coulter wearing a small little jacket and a hat. I am almost 100% positive he is homeless. We've seen him in the Wal-Mart parking lot helping people unload groceries in hopes for a tip.

Anyway when I saw him yesterday my heart sunk because I remembered the incoming cold front and I wondered where he would be staying. my own selfish heart- I walked into my parent's nice, warm home, I was greeted with a beautiful smile and instantly I forgot about the poor walking man, just as I had done about a million times before. As a family we have talked or maybe just mentioned helping him out...But we were stopped because we just didn't know how to help or if he wanted our help etc....

So last night Jacob and I crawled in our nice warm bed, with our heater on and our electric blankets on high. Jacob kissed me goodnight and I rolled over to talk to God for a bit. I was instantly reminded of the walking man. I started praying for him and I got so angry with myself. I rolled back over and woke Jacob up. As tears were streaming down my face I asked where Jacob thought that little old man was tonight. The wind was howling outside our window and my heart was literally broken for him and because of my own selfishness. You see I had spent a good amount of the day yesterday dwelling on some family issues. In the midst of dysfunction and confusion that I am certain every family goes through I found myself being reminded that it could be worse. It could be so much worse. I changed my selfish prayers of "blessings" and me, me, me to prayers of that man, of our family, of genuine forgiveness even for those who truly do not deserve it, and of others families with bigger problems than mine...The Mooneyham's for example (

I am thankful for the wake up call that came to me last night. Jacob promised next time we saw that little man that he would talk to him. I wonder what his story is. I wonder if he has a family...and if he does, then because he has no one to go home to, then it must be worse than the situation with mine. I know that we serve a mighty and powerful God who CAN and WILL heal anything. I anxiously await for him to come in and save and in the meantime I want hide in His arms.

But I say all of that to say this...We each hold our own set problems. Problems that we are certain no one would understand, or that no one can compare too. We make up our minds to feel sorry for ourselves because no one's stuff is as messed up as ours and no one has been hurt as bad as we have. But in reality, somebody is always worse off than you! Maybe take a minute to pray for someone else's problems instead of your own. Maybe your heart will change when thinking of someone else, maybe your heart will soften and you will know that sometimes the right thing and the hardest things are the same thing.

I hope you all have a blessed and WARM Thursday!

P.S. I can't leave without saying LET'S GO LONGHORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOK EM'

Friday, January 1, 2010

The start of something new

Here a few pictures of our sweet Mollee Kae on Christmas morning. She got this bone in her stocking and she was crazy about it!! Running with it in her mouth and chewing on it like there was no tomorrow. I thought I'd share these with you all. She is sooooo sweet and a constant joy in our lives!

Now on a separate note...Happy New Year!!! I think I was one of the few to be sad about seeing 2009 come to an end. Jacob and I had a very exciting year. Jacob got a job promotion, I got a new job, we got engaged, got married and bought our first home. We grew closer with my family than we've ever been before and we made lots of new friends. Jacob and I grew closer as a couple and in our walk with Christ, we were taught many lessons and we were forced to learn patience. I am thankful for this past year! 2009 was great! But I have some very high expectations for 2010. I pray that each of you had a very good and fun new year's eve! We spent the evening at some friends house and had our first New Year's kiss as a married couple! It was so fun!

Jacob and I actually didn't make a new year's resolution. I never do. I hate the idea of working at something for only a few months just because it's a new year. I have a lot that I need to work on or that I want to do and accomplish in 2010 but nothing that I want to call a resolution.

So in closing, I hope everyone enjoyed a nice vacation from work or school or whatever you are doing. I hope you each got to spend some time with family and friends that maybe you haven't seen in a while. I hope you hugged your family close and relaxed on the couch! This holiday season was the best yet for me and I am excited to see what this start of something new has in store for me. Happy 2010 everyone! May you each be richly blessed!