Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthday fun and a little more!

Today I am home sick :( I think being around all those precious little kids everyday has got the best of me! I am praying for a quick recovery because I don't have time to be sick!! But it's been a little nice I must admit...Once I finally got out of the bed this morning I got busy!! It helped take my mind off my SORE throat and congested head! I dusted all the fans and started deep cleaning the house! I've been doing laundry and now I am about to start on dinner and do some homework! My SWEET mom and dad just left my house. They came over and brought me some Broccoli Cheese soup from Jason's Deli and a WaterStill tea! That will make anyone feel better! :) So I hope I am on the road to recovery!

This past week was wonderful!!!! I had a GREAT birthday and I got to spend time with the most important people in my life! It was so fun! My dad made some YUMMY steaks on the grill with shrimp kabobs and my mom made baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and onions, rolls, and the most awesome Oreo cheesecake ever!!! They are precious and Jacob and I ate like there was no tomorrow! Here a few pictures from the night!Jacob pointed out that my dad and I are saying 12 and he is only one saying 21! haha oops!
Also- My sweet husband took me out for ice cream for my birthday! He knows the way to my heart! haha! Here a few fun pictures from that night....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

hahaha TECH hahaha!!!!

Just wanted to post that I am actually very proud of the Aggies for beating Texas Tech!!

Also---VERY proud of the Horns! Wish they would play the first half like that every week!!! Hook em horns!!

On a different note...I had a wonderful weekend!!! Jake took me to eat for an early birthday dinner! It was so wonderful and I can't wait to eat dinner with my precious family tomorrow- My dad is grilling steaks and shrimp on the grill and my mom is making baked potatoes, and lots of other yummy fixins AND a HOMEMADE oreo cheesecake for dessert!!! I am a very blessed young lady and I'm excited to celebrate my birthday tomorrow- couldn't ask for better people or better company to bring in the day!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!
God bless!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Couple of quick updates!

Ok so I have been slacking on the whole blog thing!! SORRY! I am trying to really hard to keep up but we have been so busy lately! Don't get me wrong...I am thankful for all our "business" but I vow to make time for the little things!

Jacob and I are doing great! I am so happy and so blessed by married life! I finally got all my information changed over. New social security card and DL all saying Maci Reinbold. It's kinda crazy but SO neat! Jacob is a GREAT husband! It has been better than I ever imagined. We still have mixed up schedules that we have to get in sync. I make my menu every week and go to the store one time. I plan out the meals that I am going to cook and since we are not on the same schedule yet I find myself cooking in the middle of a phone call saying "I'm working late" or "going to work out and have a I wont be hungry for dinner..." AHHH!!! But it's ok we are working on getting all of that worked out! But all-in-all married life is great! Jacob has class twice a week and so I get to spend some time with my parents on those nights! I love having dinner with them and then catching up on our "weekly TV shows" with my sweet momma! We talk EVERYDAY! She is my life savor!! I can't count how many times I have called her about little "wife" moments... "mom-how do you make this, how do you wash this....can this go in the dishwasher.." haha AND MUCH MORE! She is my best friend! :) (thanks mom!)

I finally found some time to make Jacob's FAVORITE meal! We had Cajun chicken and shrimp pasta! IT WAS WONDERFUL! Here a few pictures!Also, sweet miss Mollee Kae, our puppy has been staying with us some. We still have to get our fence fixed and so we kind of split time with my parents. But here a few SWEET pictures of her sleeping. She loves to cover her face with her paws! She is precious and she brings me so much joy!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Seeds!

Last week I had one day off, I spent it running lots of errands, picking up the house and making pumpkin seeds of course!!! :) Jacob had to work all day so first thing in the morning I went to the pumpkin farm and bought a nice big pumpkin. I took it to my parents house where we carved the pumpkin and cooked the seeds!! They were DELICIOUS!! Jake loved them!! I will definitely have to do it again while the pumpkins are still in season! Here are a few photos of the whole ordeal!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prayers of health please!

My dad is home sick with the flu, my husband woke up this morning sick, and I myself am just getting well!! Today I am praying prayers of health for all our friends and family!!!!

Wash your hands!!! Hope everyone has a blessed day! Let me know if you know of any tricks to fighting the germs!!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not to much..but a little!

I really don't have much of an update at all! Jacob and I have been VERY busy as newly-weds! I love married life and I am so blessed to have the wonderful husband that I have! He is amazing! I am excited about tonight! I get to go out to eat with the girls! (My momma's girls!!) She is having dinner with some friends from high school and invited me to tag along!! Jorges!! YUM! The cold weather makes me want Mexican Food even more than I do normally! :) I am excited to spend some extra time just me and her! (like we dont spend time ALMOST daily anyways haha) She is my VERY best friend!

Anyway here are two little teasers of Jake and I from the wedding! I am excited to get our photos and wedding video back soon! Lots of wonderful memories!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


What a FUN, busy, crazy, exciting, life changing week!!!!!!!!!
I could not be any more happy and excited to call him my husband! The wedding was PERFECT!!! I was a little nervous before the wedding, just nerves and excitement, but my WONDERFUL bridesmaids Amber and Jill and the BEST matron of honor IN THE WORLD Tara took such good care of me! We laughed and sang in our dressing room along with my precious mom and my sweet friend (who happens to be an INCREDIBLE photographer... joined in with us! It was such a sweet time in my life. About 1 minute before the wedding was supposed to start the wedding coordinator came into our room and said that the line to get in was out the door and they had to go get more chairs to set up!!! It was crazy! I NEVER imagined we would have the turn out that we did. EVERY...and I mean EVERY chair in the youth building was FULL! We had over 300 guests. Jacob and I were so moved and humbled to see the people who came to love and support us!! Finally after we got people chairs and got them seated it came time to walk down the aisle. My sweet daddy said a prayer for me right before the doors opened. He was AMAZING! As we walked down aisle my only focus was Jacob, he had precious tears in his eyes as did I and we were truly "lost in the moment." My dad kissed me and told me how proud he was, then he gave me away to the most amazing man I have ever known. The wedding was perfect!! Brent did great!! The reception WAS A BLAST! We still have people talking about how much fun it was! We never left the dance floor!! It truly was the most fun I have ever had in my entire life!!!!! I was so blessed by everyone's presence and the love the filled the room! I was even more thankful for my mom and Sommer's sexy dance moves!! And everyone else who danced the night away!! ha! Thank each of you for making that day..the most special day of my life! The friends and family that attended were those who truly care about us and the commitment we made before God. It was amazing to see the body of Christ rise up and support us! THANK YOU!

Now to the honeymoon! Although I haven't had time to upload pictures yet I will post some soon!!! It was soooooo much fun!! We took a cruise to Jamaica, Grand Caymon, and Cozumel! It was fun fun fun!! So relaxing and so much wonderful food and service! We had a beautiful cabin that had a big window to see out onto the ocean at all times! That was really neat. We also went snorkeling, that was a little scary but sooo much fun!!! The best part of all--we got to swim with the stingrays...WILD stingrays! It was so amazing!! The adult stingrays were seriously 6 feet across which is longer than I am tall!! It was incredible!! I am so glad to be home though!!! My parents picked us up from the airport on Sunday evening. We went to their house to grab my things and eat dinner! We grilled hamburgers out on the grill and then Jacob and I finally headed home about 10:00pm. When we got home we found that my parents had fully stocked our pantry our fridge and freezer!! They washed and filled up my car and took care of things while we were away. I truly was brought to tears.
They did ABSOLUTELY everything...I mean EVERYTHING for the wedding. NO HELP! (except the help of Jacob and myself of course!!) They paid for, set up, tore down and did everything alone!! They are AMAZING people. I can see the light of God shine through them everyday in the way the serve others and the way they serve one another!! I could not imagine my life without them right now. They are front and center to watch us grow in this most special time of our lives.

Mom and Dad- I know I could never thank you enough for all you've done for both Jacob and myself, but I want you to know that we both are so blessed by the both of you each and every day of our lives. From the small things like coming over and helping me catch up on laundry, or doing some electrical work, to the HUGE things like putting on a wedding just the two of you, you guys are always there for us!!! I miss seeing you guys daily but I know we are just right down the street!!! Thank you again for your ever so present role in mine and Jacob's lives! We both love you more than you guys know!! XOXOXO

Like I said these past few weeks have been perfect! So much more than I could of ever imagined!! Our home is finished and soooo precious!! I love coming "home" to it!! I love making supper and doing the laundry (i am certain that will pass...haha) but I love everything about being a wife. Especially laying in bed with the one I love just discussing life and discussing our day!! God is sooo good and so faithful! We are blessed and thankful for each of you!! Pictures...LOTS of pictures will be coming soon!