Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Under Qualified, but Overjoyed

Good morning- As I sit here at my office, I find myself feeling very under qualified for the role that the Lord has placed me in. He called me, a long time ago, to shepard HIS children, and for a long time I have filled that role working in a church around children, or working in a school as a substitute teacher or volunteering somewhere around kids....But my lifelong hope has been to be a teacher. I remember being a little girl telling my parents that when I grew up, I wanted to be a teacher! I wanted to change the life of child and impact and inspire children, the way MY teacher's impacted and inspired me. So I decided to do just that---several years ago, I started my college career off with a declared major of teaching. I remember thinking many times that I wasn't sure if I would finish school, or if it was really even worth it to finish school and work so teach? I mean teachers don't make a ton of money, they aren't always treated as high class and it's a very humbling job with bloody noses in your classroom and tummy aches galore- However, I've pushed through because I know that the Lord has placed a calling on my life to be a teacher of HIS children. And I am so excited to finally be at my last phase of college, at my last fall semester as a student and on the downhill slide of my race! I will graduate in the spring with my teaching degree! I will be able to walk into a school and proudly declare that I am a teacher and I can't wait for that moment.

Somehow though,  I still find myself feeling very under qualified- Teaching someone's child the basic foundations of learning that they will use for the rest of their lives...I mean that is serious stuff!!! And I'm under qualified, but overjoyed to do that job. I can't picture a more rewarding role (besides parenting) than teaching children to learn and be confident in their knowledge. And I am not naive to think that every student I have will be changed forever because I taught them for a year, but I am naive enough to TRY to make sure every student remembers Mrs. Reinbold and maybe not the things they learned in my class, but the way they felt encouraged, and loved and the way they felt like their teacher really does care about them. I am under qualified but OVER JOYED!!!!!

This Monday, I will take my first step into the direction of teaching. I start a new job as a reading recovery tutor for an Elementary School here in town. I am very nervous and excited to walk into this new role. I am nervous because it's change, a lot of change, and a lot of uncertainty, but I am excited because this opportunity fell into my lap, and I know that the Lord placed it my life and I know he will bless this decision!

So friends, fellow bloggers and family---could you be praying for me through this next little "season" of my life as I transition jobs, finish school and hopefully get a teaching job?! It would be greatly appreciated! Hope your day is blessed and full of JOY!