Monday, April 19, 2010

Here's the deal...

    Every family has it's own share of struggles....issues....skeleton's in the closet if you will. Our family is no exception to this rule. Jacob and I have had a rough relationship with the Reinbold side of the family for over a year now. Back before we were even engaged this went sour, honestly Jacob and I don't know what really happened. But things have been said and done that have made our situation to far gone. We have prayed unceasingly about this situation and we have done our part to meet, talk, and share our feelings. However hearts are not ready to have a relationship. We serve a mighty and big God who can fix ANY situation, however right now we feel like we've been told to be still.
   Jacob and I rest very easy at night knowing that we've forgiven (for our own sake and our walk with the Lord) and that we as Christians have to stop and rest. Marriage is hard, especially the first year of marriage, especially when you are so young. We are so proud of where we are in life. Married, house, dogs, school, jobs...we are doing great, but at this point of our lives we need to be filled with support and love. It seems like the blog (before going private) turned into a source for people to keep unnecessary tabs on us, it turned into a source of gossip and even lies came from it.
   That was never the point of the blog. I think it's such a great idea to have a blog. It documents all the fun and exciting and even the hard times in life. It captures photos and videos of where we are at this time in our lives and it's something  that we can have forever. We can come back and show our kids someday the pictures of us when we were their age, we can look back at our experience of buying our first home. It is precious to me and something that I don't want to be taken advantage of. I hope each of you who reads our blog remembers why we have it. I hope you are encouraged by our stories, testimonies, and life events.
   Jacob and I are not giving up. We are still praying and working hard to restore the relationship that was once there..hopefully you all can join with us to pray for our families. All our families; because I know I am not the only one who has a's a season in our lives that we are looking forward to moving past. Until then.....we'll be praying....
_thanks for supporting us_

Also--On a lighter note, I have already heard from some of you about having problems logging in. It says something about a password being incorrect. We are going to remain private for a while- but we might eventually change the URL address and make it open again- Sorry if it's inconvenient right now. We will email notify each of you who requested to continue reading  whenever we decide to change something. Thanks for reading!
Have a happy Monday.

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