Monday, December 20, 2010

It's the MoSt wonderful time of the year!

I must say...Last year at this time, I was not ready for the holidays to roll around! My heart and my head were not where I wanted them to be. I was a newly wed, preparing a home and a husband for our first Christmas together and we didn't really have the support that we were needing.
This year my feelings are very different. God is moving and stirring in my heart and in my life and I am SO excited to see what this next year holds in store. Things with our family are moving in a positive direction and I feel very blessed for the little life that Jacob and I have right now.

Since I haven't posted in a while I just wanted to share a few random things...
They go as follows:

This is our living room- decorated with our Christmas stuff- It's so much better than last year. We really didn't have very much furniture and so our Christmas tree and such looked a little bit out of place, but it's cozy and warm this year. We had to add a new stocking for our sweet black lab, Luke and we re-arranged furniture a bit. Looks good to me.

 Also- We took our *annual* girls trip to Dallas again this year... I say *annual* because this is only year #2 but we are making it annual from now on. The only thing missing from this trip was my MOM! She had to work the weekend we were going, so she stayed home. Miss ya mom! But the girls (pictured above) were a blast!! And a BIG thanks to Val (pictured below) for offering her BEAUTIFUL home, a wonderful hot tub and a weekend of fun!! I had a blast girls! :)

Now if it wasn't random enough...We decided on a whim to paint the kitchen...I worked a party with my mom on Saturday night and my wonderful husband painted, glazed and put up crown molding in the kitchen! I love the fresh, clean look that it has now! I am still working on new window treatments in there...any suggestions?
Next- This BEAUTIFUL friend of mine took some lovely pictures of Jacob and I.

Can I just say...I *love* this girl! She is so talented at what she does...and not only that but she is a beautiful woman inside and out! She is a great momma and a wonderful friend!! Check out HER blog here....
Below are a FEW of my favs...I don't know how to pick because I love all of them... Here's a few-

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