Monday, February 28, 2011

Seeing Is Believing

  It seems like lately I have really been seeing the Lord move in my life! I have always been a faithful woman, I was raised in a faith filled home, with parents who believed in a God who moves mountains. They instilled in me the beliefs that I now cherish as an adult and they continue to grow me in my faith, just by simply being parents of faith...Through the valleys and on the mountains-they praise Jesus!
  In watching them be so faithful, I have truly learned more about my own faith. I feel as if I have seen a lot of heart ache lately, not necessarily in my personal life, but in the lives of those around me. We have seen cancer hit our family, and gossip rear it's ugly head, we have seen fires damage homes, people and animals, I have seen the death of 3 young moms and I have wondered why!!! I have wondered why am I seeing such awful things happening around me. But I am realizing more and more that my God is good...ALL the time. He is showing me that there is beauty that comes from those ashes and I have seen the Lord more than even in the middle of these hard times.
  My mom sent me a verse the other day which reads: "Through those who have been wounded deeply...God does great things" I have really rested in that knowing that those words are true!! I serve a God who gives and who takes away, and He loves me enough to take away and for that I am thankful! Through the pain of losing those beautiful young moms, and through the loss of property due to fires, and through the illness that hits so close to home, I have seen the people of our community really come together to help one another out. Our church has opened it's arms, our small group prays together and complete strangers offer their time, money and resources to help out our community and through those actions I am blessed and I know our city is blessed.
  I think that we are seeing the hands and feet of Jesus and I think that there are people all over the community falling more in love with Jesus because we are actually SEEING him moving around us. So today I am thankful for the God that takes away. It is for good reason, and God will do great things.

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