Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lately in the life!

There has been a lot happening in the life of the Reinbold's lately. We have been busy working away and going to school. Needless to say we are ready for the summer. (even though we are taking summer school too! haha--it seems never ending)
But we are looking forward to extra time spent with these to loves of ours......

Isn't she precious?! I just love our dogs! :)
And we are looking forward to more time spent with family. Speaking of...I have been spending some fun and quality time with my sweet mom! We had a girls night the other night at Emily Nolte's house. She just redid her entire kitchen (Jacob helped do some work on it) and we got to all go over there and enjoy a GNO! Here is a picture of all the girls!
And here is one with me and my mom that night!
In addition to our GNO- we also enjoyed a few nights of "Party on the Patio" with that same group of girls above. It has been great to have warmer weather and to be able to enjoy time with family! Below is a picture of my mom and I during March Madness.

I also have got into an indoor soccer league this season. I absolutely LOVE it!!! It is the one thing I am doing right now that is completely for me! It has been a blast to connect with some old friends and be playing soccer again! Although I have tried to stay in somewhat good shape...let me just be the first to admit that I am OUT OF SOCCER SHAPE!!! Soccer is a whole different conditioning than what I am use to, but I am loving it all the same!

I hope this weekend finds each of you together with family and friends to celebrate Easter! It will be a busy weekend working for me! Hillside is offering 4...yes FOUR service times on Easter Sunday! Join us at 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am or 1:00pm for worship. It should be a great weekend!


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