Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter and Some Other Ramblings...

Well this weekend was Easter---It was a busy day for the Reinbold's to say the least. Like I mentioned earlier, Hillside has lots of options to go to on Sunday and so we got up early on Sunday morning and made it to the church by 7:15am. We had great turnouts at all the services! Saturday night service was a packed house!  But it was great to see so many people and so many first time guests at our church! God is so good!!!
After we left the church (close to 3:00pm) Jacob and I headed straight to the eye doctor..Yes, eye apts on Easter! After we left there we stopped by The Reinbold family's house and visited with them for a little while before heading to my parents house for steaks and shrimp and baked potatoes and all the fixens!! IT WAS DELISH! I wish I would of taken more pictures of the day but we were so rushed this was all I caught.
All in all, Easter was a very good day! To top it all it off, our staff at Hillside got Monday off. It was so nice to be able to sleep in and catch up on the weekend. We even got some rain! I snapped a quick picture of the storm clouds below.
 I got the house picked up, I cooked dinner and I even made homemade cinnamon rolls!! I also made something wonderful that I had to share!!! I got this FABULOUS recipe from a friend who makes her own laundry soap!!! The "good" laundry soap is so expensive and she gave me this wonderful recipe and I love it!!! I thought I would share with you guys so you all can enjoy the goodness (and it's cheap too!!!)

1 bar of your choice of soap, grated (I use a cheese grater.)

1/2 cup Borax (found at Walmart on the laundry soap aisle)
1 cup washing soda (found at Wal-Mart, but baking soda can be substituted)
2.5 gallons plus 4 cups of water
large tub for storage
Bring 4 cups water to a boil in a large pot on the stove. While you wait for it to boil, grate the soap. Once the water is boiling, reduce heat, add grated soap by handfuls and stir until it's dissolved. Be will boil over if you're not careful! When all the little soap pieces are dissolved, simmer for a few minutes. Then put 2.5 gallons of warm water into whatever you're going to keep your soap in. I use a 5 gallon tub. Add the Borax, washing soda and soap mix and stir until everything is dissolved. Put the lid on and wait 24 hours before using. Don't worry if your soap isn't the consistency of normal detergent. Mine is usually thinner.

If you have some old laundry soap bottles left over, you can use a funnel and add your homemade soap to it so you don't have to open the huge tub of soap every time you do a load of laundry. Old milk jugs work fine also. Use about 1 cup of soap per load of laundry. If you have a load that is really dingy or lots of stains, you can add 1/2 cup of Borax to the load along with your soap.

P.S. Don't use a soap bar with moisturizer in it! :)

Below is a picture of the washing soda and the Borax (in case you don't know what your looking for)
I love my new laundry detergent! Let me know what you guys think if you try it yourself!!!

AND finally---two more random pictures--- Below is a picture of some shutters that Jacob is working on. He got a job doing a parade home in the Greenways. It's actually in Tuscany Village and they are BEAUTIFUL!! In this picture they are not finished but I will post pictures of all his work soon!! He has been putting in a lot of hours to finish the house by Thursday (which is when the parade starts.)

And finally- One of my sweet Mollee girl- Cute as ever! :)

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