Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where has the time gone....

I am getting to leave again---for my last time this summer, to go on one more trip for work. We are taking out 4th and 5th students to Denton, TX for camp KidJam. I am really excited about this trip because I think it's going to be great for our kids, but I am also sad to leave J and the dogs again!! It will be short and sweet though thank goodness....

Needless to say of the travel and crazy stuff going on we have been having a wonderful summer!! We've had several cookouts with friends, we've to the pool every weekend just about and we've spent some time at home!!!

I look forward to what the rest of the summer and the fall with hold for us!!! Hope you all are having a great summer!! Below are some pictures of our summer fun!!! (really my summer fun..I promise J was there for most of it...I just didn't get his pics!!)

Here we are at Kayla's parents surprise party out at Lake Tanglewood!! This was fun nice! Lots of dancing and great friends!!!

 These two pictures and the one below are from High School Church Camp. I went as staff and I was so excited because Amber got to come this year too!! Her husband is on staff with me and they are our very best friends so it was super fun to have them at camp with us!!!!
Also- Amber and I went to Dallas to spend some quality girl time there and have nice little girls WEEK!!! We went to market and to cash and carry!! We went to fancy restaurants and just spent time outside!! It was so much fun and so needed!!!

This little friend showed above spent time with us at high school camp as well.... The bears were awful this year- they were actually so bad that for elementary camp we had cancel and move them to Dallas. We didn't want to risk our little kiddos getting to see a bear so KidJam it is!! It should be fun!!

Last but not least- here is part of our Friday swim group!!! Every Friday this summer (and a few Saturdays) my mom and I have gone over the Beverly Carter's house to swim in her backyard....Sherry, Bev's sister and my moms sweet friend, Debbin Bonin--another friend, Amber (my bestie) and these sweet girls spend each Friday together---once evening hits--our sweet boys come over and we swim, play water volleyball and eat supper---It has been such a fun and blessed supper!!!

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