Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jacob's Job

Jacob has been really busy with work lately...I would never complain of this because of the line of work he is in, I am THANKFUL he is busy. However I thought I would share some of his handy work with you guys on the blog....
He just finished working on the house below a few weeks ago---It's in Tuscany Village (Greenways) and it was in the Parade of Homes. Jacob did all the wood work on the outside. He handbuilt the gate from scratch. He did the front door and he also hand built the shutters from scratch. I'm a proud wife!

Love these shutters! I want him to build us some for our next house!!

Isn't this door awesome!! I love the color!! He did a great job!

The gates are my favorite part!!

A far away picture of the gate.

More of his work to come!! But that's just a taste of my hubbies talents!!

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