Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Something is missing...literally

So Jacob and I are in the process of planting a garden...
Nothing perfect, very simple-just a garden. My main focus of our garden was tomatoes. Jake and I love tomatoes! We make (and by we, I mean "I") this fabulous tomato mozzarella dish, etc. We love them!

Anyways- we get all geared up to plant a garden- tomatoes, bell peppers, okra, green chile, etc.... Jacob built a fence so our WONDERFUL dog (maybe a hint of sarcasm) wouldn't eat our garden---See pics below

So he builds this great fence, for our great little garden, and then................it SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah snow! YUCK! So then we talked to the lady at Lowes, turns out you are not supposed to even think about planting a garden until like the second weekend in April...who knew!

Ok- so we understand now. However we've already bought seeds (which are fine) but we also bought a BIG tomato plant and small jalapeno plant. Now I grew very accustomed to these two plants- I watered them daily, took them outside while it was sunny and brought them in the house every night! I was so proud of my growing plants!

Well something happened. Today I put my two little plants outside for some sunshine while I was at work. When I got home I went to bring them in and notice my lovely little tomato plant was MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes missing! Now I tried to think where a tomato plant could disappear to. The wind didn't blow it over- there was no soil, no plant, and no pot ANYWHERE in the back yard (we checked) Luke didn't eat it because once again... no soil, no plant and no pot (plus we had it sitting up realllllllly high..almost to high for me so he couldn't get to it) I just can't imagine where it is. I guess it blew away or something but I really find it hard to believe because of it's size (and the small plant is still there.) Jacob found it preposterous that somebody would come into our backyard and only take a tomato plant...although I have not completely ruled that out. It was groomed very nicely if I may say so myself :)

But anyways I guess we will just wait till the second weekend of April and buy a new stinkin tomato plant. Bummer.

I guess if you see it please bring it back... haha!

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