Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is a Mom?

What is a Mom? I myself am not a mom...not yet. But I have a mom, and she's a wonderful mom. I know I have written about her before, but the past few days she has just been an ever present symbol of support, friendship and unconditional love.
I started my long-term subbing job at Sleepy Hollow Elementary. I have a WONDERFUL 2nd grade class. They are a very smart and a very fun group of kids. With taking on something new comes a lot of new emotions, my mom has been my biggest fan!! This week in my class we are celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. I have been looking for an opportunity for my mom to come read to my class. She wanted to see my sweet kiddos and they were super excited to have a "visitor" in the classroom. It was such a joy to see my mom in my classroom today. She was there just to support me and be apart of something that I am passionate about. She doesn't have to know the kid's names or what their behaviors are--she just wants to come be apart of it because I am apart of it.
Also-to top this off. Last night I came home with an awful move-me-to-tears migraine headache. My wonderful husband was at school and could not be of any assistance to me and so my mom drove all the way over to my house with a bowl of tortilla soup, some water still tea and my Mollee girl (who she was babysitting) just to make feel better! It worked!! :) She fixed me right up! ANNNNNNDDDDD if that wasn't enough...I locked my keys in my car today. Jacob is working out of town and so once again mom to the rescue...
Thanks mom...for ALL you do. You are such a strong person in my life. I can't wait to be a mom of my own and pass on the great things that you have taught me. But in the mean time I just want to sit back and enjoy the special relationship I have with both you and with dad. Growing up I never knew we would be so close. But you guys INSPIRE me, ENCOURAGE me, LOVE me, and you don't know how much that means to both Jacob and myself.
We both love you guys sooo very much!!!! Thanks again-


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