Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Can't get going

SUMMER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can not find time to blog in the summer! We have been running around like crazy! I spent 4 weeks away from home (no not all at once...but in total)
One of those weeks was with my awesome husband and the rest were for work. I had a blast but I am STILL catching up on laundry and cleaning from my latest trip. But we will get back in the swing of things soon. Fall is just around the corner and I must admit I am ready! No, not for school and such but the stillness, the cooler weather and my birthday!!!!!!!!!

Jacob and I have had several things going on...Jacob got a new toy over the summer...although it's not that fun haha..he got a BIG trailer for his job. This is will make his load a lot easier. He won't have to load and unload things from his pickup anymore, he will be able to store this things in his trailer.
                                      I also got a new toy!
Yes- I bought into the whole iphone 4 phase! I am so excited and I LOVE IT! I am still figuring everything out about it but I think I am really going to enjoy MY new toy!

More exciting news to come! Stay will me! I'm not a total blog failure!

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