Thursday, May 26, 2011

Run until you can't run anymore

 On Monday afternoon- after work, I drove home to get Luke so we could go on a little fun run!
I got a great new pair of tennis shoes (for a great bargain!!!) and I decided to get back to running.
My friend Amber and I ran a trail around Sleepy Hollow Elementary all the time last summer. She brings her dog Bevo and I took Luke---Well needless to say, Luke hasn't been running since we took them both last summer. Amber and I have stayed fairly in shape (if you can call it that) even in the winter, but Luke's exercise consisted of Frisbee in the backyard everyday and not a lot of long distance running.
Anyway---all of that to say that Luke boy is a little bit out of shape. Our trail that we run is a little LESS than 51/2 miles. So we took off and we ran most of the time. However I had to walk some too-but Luke was DYING!! He was so thirsty and hot that he was foaming at the mouth but we kept him going and made them finish.
By the time we got back to Amber's house (our starting point) we were all beat! Luke especially though! He wouldn't get out the grass he was just laying there and panting. Finally I got him up and got him home, he immediately went to the back yard and he drank and drank and drank tons of water and then he came inside and crashed.
All this happened over about an hour or a hour and a half time frame...So I started dinner (close to 7:45 now) and from the kitchen I heard almost something like glass hitting our hard word floors in the living room. I rushed in there to see Luke laying on the couch in a pile of throw up!!! (sorry for the visual!)
Poor guy was SICK and I mean SICK! There was puke everywhere---on the couch, my chair, the curtains, the floor and ALL in my FAVORITE living room rug! :( I was so upset!! Jacob came inside from the garage when he heard all the commotion. And we were at a loss. It was a MESS!
Jacob had to go rent a carpet cleaner and we moved EVERYTHING out of the living room- I mopped the floors twice, washed the window curtains in the washing machine, cleaned the chair and couch and moved the rug to the kitchen for some deep cleaning.

I couldn't get these pictures to turn- but here is J cleaning the rugs----
It was such a mess everywhere but I am very glad that we got everything picked up and cleaned off. It's like a new house. AND for the record...Luke is FINE! Just waterlogged and in need of some more running! :)

Also--just a side note- My sweet Mollee girl got a summer hair cut..I'll have to post a picture of that soon but no more long haired Mollee Kae!

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