Thursday, November 19, 2009

Epic Fail

Well thanks to my beautiful cousin Emily, I came up with the title to this post. I had posted these pictures on facebook and she commented "fail, epicly" haha I think that would describe tonight perfectly!!!

My sweet dad went out of town today for the whole weekend. So my mom and I spent the day together running our weekly errand s together and we had lunch and went to the store! It was a wonderful day! I decided to cook dinner tonight for her and Jacob and myself. I have been craving this YUMMY dish called saucy chicken and asparagus-it's fabulous! So I bought all the stuff and came home and quickly to put dinner together before my mom got here! I finally got the chicken done and the sauce made and put it in the oven. When she got here we poured a wonderful glass of wine and started to do some of the dishes while our dinner was in the oven. Jacob was in the living room watching the football and we were just standing in the kitchen and we heard this LOUD and crazy crash. It was like it just keep crashing and crashing. Jacob JUMPED up and ran into the kitchen- it took us a minute to realize what had happened. We opened the oven to find the following.....

We were SHOCKED to say the least. That was a glass dish that I have used a million times! I STILL have no idea what happened but needless to say dinner was ruined. It was SHATTERED all over the bottom of my oven...No explanation! We went to Rosas and ate instead! It was good but it wasn't what I was craving. My sweet momma stayed late and helped my clean my WHOLE oven...It was a disaster as you can see. But it was a memory haha! I will never forget this "epic failure"

And by the way...I just want to thank my mom again for helping me!! Not just today with the stove but with EVERYTHING!! You are my best friend and I love our weekly get together and daily conversations! I couldn't ask for a better mother or best friend! Hope you enjoy your weekend with the boy! ;) Maybe we will get lots of cleaning done haha! Love you mom! THANK YOU!

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