Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wedding Photos

I know, I know!! Lately I have been missing in action!! We've been so busy (like I always say!!) But truly we are so blessed with lots of work...side jobs and just busy schedules! I am thankful though! Tonight our wonderful photographer and friend Chriselda came over to eat dinner (and maybe drink a little wine ;)) She brought with her our wedding CD!! The pictures are GREAT and I am soo pleased (as always) by her work!!! We are scheduled to be on her wonderful (and much more exciting) blog on Friday ( but I figured I would give a sneak peek here on my blog!!

The pictures brought back the wonderful memories of that day and all the joy that came into our lives! I think pictures are so important because they truly capture emotion and the "realness" of an event! I love Chriselda as a friend, as a mother, as a person and as a professional...I commend you sweet girl!! Your hard work does not go un-noticed! :)

The picture above makes me so happy. He looked so handsome and it just makes me realize that how blessed I am to him to come home to every night.
The pictures above were taken before the wedding. Jacob and I agreed to see each other before. We met at the alter just me and him (and Chriselda ;)) We read a letter that we had bother written to each other and just spent time before the rush of a wedding. It was so special! I am so thankful we saw each other before!!
These few pictures above just remind me how wonderful families are. They are so important. Families should always be there for one another...right or wrong...They should have each other's back. No questions asked. I am blessed with a wonderful family who love me and support me. The people who truly value family and truly understand the grace of God came to this most special event in mine and Jacob's lives. It was an event that we will NEVER get back. I have no regrets! It was a beautiful and blessed day! Enjoy these next few random photos...More to come! :)He is my hero and my biggest fan! Love you dad!!!

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  1. you totally stole my thunder!!!! gah!!!!
    i think you owe me a recipe book now!!!

    i love you to the moon mrs. reinbold
    and your hunny makes me smile with the way he loves you

    and your parents are so amazing that i want to be adopted.