Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy but Blessed!

Well with holidays rushing on full speed ahead we have found ourselves SOOOO busy! Not only with our full-time jobs but I've been working extra with my mom like crazy and Jacob has been so busy too!! He also has a whole list of things he wants to do here at home. Example: Deck the attic, work on the fence, build garage shelves...busy busy busy! He also has been battling migraine headaches. They kind of come and go- he seems to wake up with them and then throughout the day the fade in and out. However he has gone a few days without one! So hopefully he's over that!
I just wanted to write though and let everyone know that we have not abandoned the blog-We just have been crazy! I will be posting pictures soon of our "ugly sweater Christmas party" that's coming up with all of our wonderful friends and of course pictures from the holidays!
Hope everyone is warm, blessed and happy during the holiday season!

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