Thursday, December 17, 2009

Poor Miss Mollee Kae!

So this morning I have some very sad news!! My poor sweet puppy is injured! I had to work last night and when I got home my wonderful husband told me what had happened. He was taking her outside to go potty and she always gets in such a rush to do things! She went running off the steps from the back porch and Jacob said she just kinda fell down and rolled- He thought her shoulder was hurt. So he checked her out and said she seemed fine. He didn't notice anything being wrong-she went potty and was ready to come inside. She always gets a treat for going potty (she's still a puppy haha) and when she came in she was jumping up at him expecting her treat! He noticed she was bleeding in her paw. When he looked closer he saw that she had broken her claw ALL THE WAY DOWN! It was to late to take her to the vet. He called my mom-who gave him GREAT instructions on how to clean it out etc...Then he took some pictures....
These make me so sad!! It hurts my stomach because I know it hurts her!! You know when you cut your fingernail to short or bend a nail back..I imagine this is way worse! She has an appointment to go to the vet today (this will be her SECOND appt THIS WEEK...that's a whole different story!) But the vet said she would probably have to get it taken out completely. He's going to take care of her today.
I just thought I'd share my pain this morning. Since we don't have kids yet, Mollee is our baby-As her momma it breaks my heart to see her in pain. I will let you guys know how it goes today at the vet. In the mean time she is being pampered all day!! Lots of treats, people food, laying in momma's lap, new bones, and her favorite blanket! She'll be back to normal in no time!

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