Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I guess it's December

Well yesterday marked the first day of December. Thanksgiving weekend brought in snow, shopping and Christmas fever for many. However I must admit (and yes let the boo's start coming) I am not much up for the Christmas holiday. It is so frustrating to me the way that people rush around spending ungodly amounts of money on gifts and decorations etc and most people don't even remember the REAL reason for the season. So...this year at our house we are having a SMALL Christmas. ONE gift each to and from my parents etc...We wanted to focus this year on what Christmas is really about. The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. So instead of stressing out and buying loads of gifts and spending money that we don't have--Jacob and I are remembering the true meaning of Christmas. We are just mainly thankful that we get to spend it together!
Now--with all that being said- I finally got the Christmas Tree up and SOME of the decorations out. I don't think I will do much more this year. Since it's the first year in our new house though we did decide to do some. Enjoy!

I tried to include some pictures of the coffee table (there are a FEW small decorations on there) and of course the SWEET puppy laying on the couch enjoying the holidays more than I seem to be! :) I hope everyone truly has a wonderful holiday season. We are so blessed with great friends and family and I hope that each of you take some time to tell your loved ones that your thankful for them and that you love them because tomorrow is not promised to ANY of us!

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