Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Well we are back to a Thursday once again-
I must say I have truly missed the blog and I'm excited about learning new things to make my blog better!
So today for Thankful Thursday-

I am Thankful for My Parents

          Since I was a brand new baby until right this moment as a young, married, independent woman- my parents have been my biggest fans! They have been there for me for every school play, soccer practice, gymnastic meet, anytime I was sick, sad, happy, or mad they have stood beside me in all things. I am so thankful for the both of them and who they are in mine and Jacob's life!
        Really- at this point in our lives they are the only family we have. Jacob's family is absent and without my parents we wouldn't really have anyone to speak life into us. They are incredible!
       Mom- thank you for teaching me how to be a lady, thank you for teaching me about morals and how to love someone but not let them take advantage of me. Thank you for being my biggest fan and my best friend! You are ALWAYS and I mean always a listening ear, your always on MY team and we are a great pair! I am so thankful for Fridays when we get to run errands together all day and I dearly miss our time spent together in the mornings over a cup of coffee and some good convo...or good silence :)
 You are just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside and it has been an amazing blessing for me to see you lean more and more on the Lord as things with your mom's cancer and our family have been a little discouraging. You are such a great mom and one who I want to be just like. Thank you for being you and for being MY best friend! I love you mom and I am thankful for YOU!
     Dad----oh my sweet dad! I can't even think about you without getting a little teary eyed weird. You have been there for me since day one..truly haha! You coached my soccer games, and you have been there for me through every event thick or thin in my life! Thank you dad for teaching me how to be strong in my faith! Thank you for teaching me about work ethic and what is means to work hard and earn the things I have. YOU are an amazing example for Jacob and I am sooo thankful that you are there for him to watch. Thank you for being the best daddy in the whole world. I still remember dancing with you in the living room when I was a 4 year old and again a few weeks before my wedding day. I remember crying my eyes out when we were practicing for our father daughter dance because I couldn't imaging you "giving me away." It makes me cry now just thinking about you praying with me right before you walked me down and aisle and how you told me I was so beautiful! You taught me to pray...on my knees beside my bed when I was little and you still teach me to pray by the way you share your faith! I love you dad and I am thankful for YOU!

So thats it-my Thankful Thursday for today! Hope you guys have a GREAT day! Until next time....

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