Saturday, October 24, 2009

Couple of quick updates!

Ok so I have been slacking on the whole blog thing!! SORRY! I am trying to really hard to keep up but we have been so busy lately! Don't get me wrong...I am thankful for all our "business" but I vow to make time for the little things!

Jacob and I are doing great! I am so happy and so blessed by married life! I finally got all my information changed over. New social security card and DL all saying Maci Reinbold. It's kinda crazy but SO neat! Jacob is a GREAT husband! It has been better than I ever imagined. We still have mixed up schedules that we have to get in sync. I make my menu every week and go to the store one time. I plan out the meals that I am going to cook and since we are not on the same schedule yet I find myself cooking in the middle of a phone call saying "I'm working late" or "going to work out and have a I wont be hungry for dinner..." AHHH!!! But it's ok we are working on getting all of that worked out! But all-in-all married life is great! Jacob has class twice a week and so I get to spend some time with my parents on those nights! I love having dinner with them and then catching up on our "weekly TV shows" with my sweet momma! We talk EVERYDAY! She is my life savor!! I can't count how many times I have called her about little "wife" moments... "mom-how do you make this, how do you wash this....can this go in the dishwasher.." haha AND MUCH MORE! She is my best friend! :) (thanks mom!)

I finally found some time to make Jacob's FAVORITE meal! We had Cajun chicken and shrimp pasta! IT WAS WONDERFUL! Here a few pictures!Also, sweet miss Mollee Kae, our puppy has been staying with us some. We still have to get our fence fixed and so we kind of split time with my parents. But here a few SWEET pictures of her sleeping. She loves to cover her face with her paws! She is precious and she brings me so much joy!!!

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