Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is the day that my sweet and beautiful mom was born.....50 years ago. I was a little nervous to proclaim her age on the blog but she has never been one to care about those things. Plus I'm excited she's 50! What a neat thing to have lived for 50 years! I hope she wears proud!!! She has so much going for her and I am so blessed to have her as my mom. Im just sorry that today she has to share her birthday with the Cowboy's game. She may be overlooked by fans yelling but being serious...We all love you mom and wish you a very very very happy birthday!

Dear Mom-
I am so blessed to know such an incredible woman. You have poured life into me since was born and I am so proud to call you Mom. I hope today and for the next 50 years you embrace your age!! You are gorgeous and sweet and super fit! :) I love everything about your 5o year old self! I have learned more from you now that I am a wife than I think I ever have before! You have taught me so many wonderful things over the years and I am so glad that you are not only my mom but my VERY best friend! Celebrate today! Your the best coyote I've ever known..haha. Once again- Hope your day is full of smiles and happiness! Your are wonderful inside and out! I love you to pieces! xoxo
-Your baby girl!

P.S. I thought about listing 50 reasons why you are super but I want to make it to the gym by 9:30 and that only gives me an and half! And you must admit...50 is a LOT haha (just kidding mom! Love you!)

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