Friday, January 1, 2010

The start of something new

Here a few pictures of our sweet Mollee Kae on Christmas morning. She got this bone in her stocking and she was crazy about it!! Running with it in her mouth and chewing on it like there was no tomorrow. I thought I'd share these with you all. She is sooooo sweet and a constant joy in our lives!

Now on a separate note...Happy New Year!!! I think I was one of the few to be sad about seeing 2009 come to an end. Jacob and I had a very exciting year. Jacob got a job promotion, I got a new job, we got engaged, got married and bought our first home. We grew closer with my family than we've ever been before and we made lots of new friends. Jacob and I grew closer as a couple and in our walk with Christ, we were taught many lessons and we were forced to learn patience. I am thankful for this past year! 2009 was great! But I have some very high expectations for 2010. I pray that each of you had a very good and fun new year's eve! We spent the evening at some friends house and had our first New Year's kiss as a married couple! It was so fun!

Jacob and I actually didn't make a new year's resolution. I never do. I hate the idea of working at something for only a few months just because it's a new year. I have a lot that I need to work on or that I want to do and accomplish in 2010 but nothing that I want to call a resolution.

So in closing, I hope everyone enjoyed a nice vacation from work or school or whatever you are doing. I hope you each got to spend some time with family and friends that maybe you haven't seen in a while. I hope you hugged your family close and relaxed on the couch! This holiday season was the best yet for me and I am excited to see what this start of something new has in store for me. Happy 2010 everyone! May you each be richly blessed!

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