Monday, January 18, 2010

We are the new proud parents of....

Luke McCoy Reinbold.....

Jacob and I saw puppies for sale a few days ago, we stopped to look and of course my heart melted for them
. However with a sound "no" from my husband we came home empty handed. Once we were home our thoughts were filled with "we don't need another dog right now..." and "are we really ready for a puppy..a LAB puppy at that"
We took the number of the guy selling the know in case my parents or our friends wanted one. HA! The more we talked about it and prayed about and slept on it we decided to get a new puppy. He is precious! A full-blooded AKC registered black Labrador Retriever. His name is Luke McCoy Reinbold. I wanted to name him McCoy after my boy Colt of course, but Jake insisted that was silly! So we settled for Luke and I got his middle name :)
He has been such a joy these past few HOURS haha but don't let me fool you...I am terrified. My sweet Mollee girl is crushed and that has broken my heart! I have spent the past 3 hours in tears over breaking my girl's heart. However everyone has been very re-assuring that they will grow to love one another and be the best of friends! I am waiting for those days! In the mean time Mollee growls and bites at Luke and Luke playfully bites and can't figure out Mollee Kae....Here's to the next long while of chewing, chewing, chewing and sleepless nights and training etc.... But I know he will be worth it! Here a few pictures of him right after we got him.

Here a few pictures of Mollee being really mad about her new brother! :(
Here he is again! Sweet boy!

1 comment:

  1. that is the CUTEST dog ever!!!!

    but more importantly...
    i'm cracking up at your closet
    where you have the bin with the work shirts, socks, boxers...

    and the best part

    (wait for it)

    "wife beaters"

    oh maci lou frebush.
    you never cease to make me smile.