Friday, January 29, 2010

Luke and Mollee in the SNOW!

Yesterday was so much fun!! Jacob got off work early and when he got home- we agreed to get out in the awful snow and go to lunch with our two wonderful friends Nathan and Kayla Maxwell. Everything was closed of course but we ended up at Cheddar's with the rest of the crazies who got out in the snow!!! Anyway after we got back home Jake and I bundled up and took the puppies outside to play in the snow...

Luke LOVED it! He was diving in the snow and chasing Mollee, Mollee hated playing in the snow with Luke. Before Luke came into our lives, Mollee loved playing in the snow. However her and Luke can't seem to get along...we are hoping that in the near future they will be best friends!!! :)

Anyway here are some picture of the dogs playing in the snow. Luke has already grown so much and Mollee is just as pretty as ever!! :)

Mollee was begging to go inside the whole time we were out there!

Mollee was running from Luke-She didn't think it was a game and she certainly didn't think it was fun...Luke thought it was both!! haha

My sweet Mollee girl trying to get away!!
Look at how big he is already!!! He is so rotten...chewing and eating ALL the paint OFF a section of our base boards...Chewing my coffee table...ROTTEN-but so sweet and so smart! Love him!

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