Monday, July 27, 2009


Well not only did we have our wedding shower this weekend (which was beautiful wonderful and perfect!!!) We got some things done on the house and went to a fun wedding!!!!!
I posted pictures in the one below from the shower...Thank you so much to all our friends and family that came and made that day so wonderful for us!!! We were so blessed by all of you!!!
Here is a picture of the bathroom with the vanity FINALLY put in!! We also got the toilet set (I'm sure our neighbors are thankful!!!!--we are no longer the white trash neighbors!!)
The vanity looks great and the faucets for them are being shipped as we speak!

We also got the tile layed completely here is my man doing the dirty work!!! (He is such a stud!!)

And like I said we also went to a beautiful wedding (congrats Tory!!!) here is a goofy picture of me on the way there and picture of my BEAUTIFUL parents while we were at the reception.

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