Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just some updates (pictures still to come!!)

Well I have been a little behind on this whole blog thing!! I am trying to keep up but things are just so crazy right now it's kind of hard. Jacob and I have been working away over at our new house!! It seems like things are really falling into place...We got sheet rock up in the bathroom again and my dad spent the whole weekend over there doing the electrical work and helping us out a TON!! It is such a blessing to have two wonderful men in my life who are very handy!! I am blessed! And my sweet mom was the waterstill tea/lunch/dinner/snack bringer! ha!

She promises once the heating and air guys are done that she will be over there to help me paint!! (I think we are still a ways away from painting though) Jacob says he thinks if things keep running smoothly he can move into the house in about two weeks. We won't be even close to being finished by then but we think he will have the master bedroom done and we can at least put the bed in there!

It is so crazy to me to think I am going to be married that guy in 74 days! The days are FLYING by and I am so excited to be his wife! We have made a promise that even though this time in our lives is really stressful and fast paced, we are not going to fight and argue in the new house...we said there will be plenty of time to do that once we move in haha...A good friend gave me some GREAT advice...He said "don't look back on the time you had fixing up your FIRST home with your husband and regret fighting over the wall colors, in-laws, what's for supper, the shower curtain, etc....He said to look back on it with joy knowing the wall color doesnt really matter but the fact that you got into a paint war with that wall color is what matters!! Make memories!!"

So far so good!! No silly fights in the new house! Although I am lacking on my promise of pictures---Just know that they are coming soon! We have taken TONS of before and after pics we just havent had the time to upload them! Those will be here soon!!

Please keep praying for our new home and our new adventures in starting a new family!! Hope you all are being blessed!

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