Monday, July 20, 2009

Seeing some progress

Ok, now that we have pictures, we'll show you what we started out with, and where we are today.

Our house before! Lots of vegetation here, you can't even get in the garage
Maci about to knock the whole house down
Time to do some work
Living Room before

Living room during

Master bedroom before

Master Bedroom during

Me all sweaty
Wall furnace torn out of hallway

Wall furnace hole taped and textured
Hallway cabinets torn out for more space in bathroom
Bathroom Before
Bathroom During
Maci doing all the hard work!
Bathroom down to studs

Bathroom with shower framed in and taped (sorry its sideways)
Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Cabinets with trim

And that's all the photos we have time to upload right now. We are moving right along, and I should have most of, if not all of the house painted tomorrow. More to follow, thanks for keeping up with us! Keep us in your prayers please, thanks a bunch!

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