Monday, July 20, 2009

Finally Some Pictures!!!!

Well what a weekend!! We got so much done!!! I don't pictures to show our progress thus far because most of them have been taken with Jake's camera...I do have some that were taken with my phone...I release the mess onto you guys!!

This first picture is the STUDS in our bathroom! What a way to start a project...tearing something to studs--although we didn't plan on taking the bathroom to studs it happened. It actually ended up being fine though...You will see later in the "after" pictures....Here goes

Now-Here is the before pictures of a few of the kitchen cabinets, and then the one below is the picture where Jake has added trim to them. We are still going to paint and distress the cabinets so we are a long way from done with them but they already look a million times better!!

Ok and THIS one is a trip! There was a wall heater right here and Jacob decided to tear it out (since we got central heat and air) and he is going to build me some shelves and a wine rack in here. However the wall unit wouldn't come out...But there is a solution for EVERY problem so Jacob backed his truck up into the yard (yes we are the white trash neighbors) and he hook a tow rope up to his truck and to the heater and he pulled it out of the wall...With a huge crash and a cloud of dust we were left a HOLE ready to be made into shelves!

Ok although none of these pictures show what we've got done they are at least SOME of the before pics!! We have a ton more.

Jake and My Dad textured the WHOLE house this weekend and Jacob is painting as we speak! I went by at lunch to see the master bedroom which looks GREAT!! Jake got me Jason's Deli and we sat on two 5 gallon paint cans and ate lunch in our new house for the first time. It was very sweet! Haha! Here is the lovely off-center picture!!!

Ok that's all for today!! Keep posted more to come!!!

-Remember the keys to happiness are held with you!! Don't let someone else hold them for you!

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