Thursday, September 17, 2009


Last night we had my parents over to "eat".... Really they helped us with some finishing touches... although are SO CLOSE to being finished there are still a few things we have to do. My mom and I spent the evening organizing and cleaning. My dad worked on some electrical stuff and he helped Jacob put up a new garage door. We were very busy. My parents brought over a papa murphys pizza and cinnamon wheel...That made night #2 of papa murphys haha! But it was so good to have them over and we needed the extra help!

My mom and I also sealed the granite. It looks GREAT!! Here are a few photos of it!!

I am SOOOO excited to finally have a kitchen- I know we have promised so many of you a dinner invite...when we get back and settled after the honeymoon be expecting a phone call! Ill be cooking like a mad woman and we can't wait to show off the house!

Also-Today we are FINALLY in the single digits for the wedding countdown! NINE days and counting. I am so excited and ready for the big day! The people who will be there are those who love and support us and we are so ready to make a commitment to each other and to God for the rest of our lives. I want to tell each of you keeping up with us thank you for your continued support and prayer. This is a time in our lives that we will NEVER get back, we will NEVER repeat...It's once in a life time and it's so special and it's something God has been preparing my heart for, for a long time now. Jacob and I have dated for a very long time, faithfully and we've been preparing our hearts and our minds for marriage. Although our engagement and wedding planning process hasn't been one I would of dreamed it would be, it's one that I am looking towards being thankful for. I have learned so many things about people, about my own family members and about my friends. It has been a humbling experience and one that I know I will look back on and have peace about. Jacob is the man God choose for me and I can't wait to start our lives together.

I am looking forward to September 26th- Hope you all are too! See you soon! Keep praying! :)

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  1. I just found your blog. Your kitchen looks great. We have the same dishwasher :).

    Enjoy the next nine days, I'm sure there is a lot that God wants to do in your heart in those nine days.