Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random Thoughts...

I have been so busy lately with school starting back up and the wedding just 23 days away and the house needing to be finished, that I haven't been able to keep up with my blog!! I really don't even have any new news but I did want to share a couple of things...
We got our appliances last weekend FINALLY and got them all installed and Sweet Jacob called me Monday morning at work and asked what my lunch plans were. He said if I didn't have any he would love to make me lunch!!! I was thrilled and when I got home Jacob had made a wonderful pan of chicken strips and french fries (crinkle cut--his favorite of course!) It was so sweet and since we are VERY classy we sat down in our lawn chairs in the living room and watched Planet Earth while eating lunch! It was sweet and romantic and wonderful! :) Memories like that people are what make me happy!
Here is a LOVELY picture of us haha!Then (like I said this is a random array of postings...) but here is a picture of my SWEET but lazy it even normal for a dog to lay like this. She is precious but he is so heavy now........ :) hahahahaha (you with me mom??)She is so precious and I love her SOOOO very much!

Ok and last but certainly not least--Here what I am looking forward to the most (aside from the wedding of course!HAH!)
Ok now I am certainly not to proud to state that I am on the mailer list for Chick-fil-a I love that place! So I thought I would share the good news I received via email....Sept 7 (that's labor day) if you wear your team logo you get FREE CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You all can thank me later when you have full tummies! Have a good day!
Thanks for putting up with my randomness!

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