Monday, August 31, 2009

Fiance of the Year!!!!!!!!!

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This weekend my sweet, wonderful, amazing fiance surprised me with a HONEYMOON!!

We initially were not going to get to go on one. My parents have set their budget for the wedding and whatever we don't spend they will give us in cash..which is great but we didn't wanna bank on that for the honeymoon. And Jacob's parents aren't doing it either.....
With us just buying a house and still being in school we didn't want to strap ourselves at the beginning of our marriage..we have seen the ugly side of money and we are NOT going to let that be apart of our marriage or family! However God is good and Jacob worked out a way where we get to go on a cruise!!!!!!

SEVEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Below is the confirmation email with our itinerary!! I am sooo excited!

In case you can't read it up there here is another picture. We will leave the day after the wedding (our flight will leave at like 8 in the morning) then we will depart from Galveston at 4:00pm we will be out at sea and then we arrive at Montego Bay, in JAMAICA, then Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands!!! And then Cozumel, Mexico!! I am sooo excited and truly can't wait to spend the week away...No phones, email or Internet..Just me and my hubby!!!!!

I can't believe that we started dating 6 years ago. We were little freshmen with crazy hair and no style!! Now in 26 short days I will be his wife!! I can't wait! Look at the difference is US! I think this homecoming picture was junior year, then our first year of college and then a picture from our engagements that the WONDERFUL Chriselda took! (you should also check out her blog!!--it's way better than mine) (then click the 'blog' link!) Anyways here we are!

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