Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beautiful Disaster!

Yesterday (and everyday really...) Jacob and I worked on the house all evening. When we left there to eat supper at my parents house we had a hankering for something sweet! However with the wedding only THIRTY EIGHT days away (crazy I know!!!) I was going to TRY and resist the urge.....FAIL!

When we finished supper we made cinnamon rolls...Does it get worse than that? Final dress fitting is done..there's no going back now and I am elbow deep in dough!! Here are the pictures to prove it! :)

As you can see thus far it is a VERY long process and I was beginning to wonder if it was even worth it...the time, the energy, the CALORIES!!!!

Turns out it was ALL worth it!
We all got to have our yummy cinnamon rolls! My mom and dad, me and Luis... then here's Jake after two HUGE rolls..I cant even describe this picture...I think it describes itself! Delight??..maybe in a scary way! Haha, jk I love you babe!

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