Monday, August 24, 2009


This past week or so Jake has been off of work. His boss gave him some time away so he could be working on OUR house!! It has been awesome to see the daily changes and I think I can actually see the finish line! We are SO CLOSE--the Bathroom, living room, our bedroom and the guest room are DONE! We lack the office, the kitchen and the hardwood floors! Our deadline to be completely finished is September 2nd. Mr. Sandless is coming on September 3rd once he is done we hope to get moved in completely! (except my stuff of course...I have to wait until after the wedding!) ;)

Here are FEW pictures of the progress but I will post more later this week. These are just the bathroom with the shower curtain and mirrors finally hung and then the wine rack that Jacob is building all on his own to go in the bookshelf which he also built all on his own...He is so handy! I think I'll keep him!

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