Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman it's a HOLE IN ONE!!!!!!!!!!

This may be kinda a long post (due to all the pictures) But it's worth it!!!!!!

Last weekend my dad played in the Rajun Cajun golf tournament that benefits the March of Dimes special Olympics. AND GUESS WHAT!?!?!

HE SHOT A HOLE IN ONE!!!!!! Now let me just say that last night my daddy was on the news and they quote the stat that follows: an amateur golfer's chances at a hole in one are at 1 in every 12,750 shots!!!!!! WHAT A STUD!

Anyway--Since he got the hole in one he received $500 dollars worth of free gas from pak-a-sak and last night they interviewed him with some kids from the special Olympics- He was on three new channels and in the news paper! 15 minutes of fame anyone?!? I am so excited and proud of him!! Here are some pictures to show you!!!

This first one is of him high-fiving the kids in the special Olympics! So sweet!!!

This next one is of him with all the people who sponsored the game. The Pak-A-Sak owners etc....

Him with the special olympic golfers...They were so sweet and so proud of him!

Here is the sweet family!! Jacob couldn't come because he was right in the middle of painting the kitchen cabinets in our new house! (However he did send his love in the form of a sweet yet goofy picture for my dad!!!!) We are all so very proud of him and so excited for him!!!!!

Mom out there supporting my dad!! So sweet! (isnt she beautiful!!!!!!!!!)
Dad's biggest fan right here!!!! I love that man! So excited and proud for him! Hope you all saw his name in the paper and saw his handsome face on TV last night!! (we DVR it of course!!!) :)

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