Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little progress...

It seems like there for awhile we were at a standstill with the house. Jacob went out of town for SEVEN days and I was all alone in the new house! I got some stuff done, but it was hard to know what to do without Jake's direction. However, since he's been home he's been busting his butt!!! Yesterday he got everything sanded and painted and today he started glazing. Here a few pics..Ill explain as we go.....
This first one is of the living room painted with the tan walls and the red ceiling. (A little bold with the red, we know but Jacob asked me to trust him on this one...I'M GLAD I DID!!!!) I think now (in the pictures to follow) it looks great!!!!

The picture below is the same corner just with the ceiling glazed and the new fan put up and running!

This is the same corner AGAIN now with one side of the wall glazed...see I am showing you the process...not being redundant haha..It's really coming together here because I was not loving the peachy, tan walls with a wow red ceiling..but now I am LOVING it!!!!!!!

OK...Now this next picture is of the bathroom vanity with the sinks in and the faucets on and working. We still have to get the mirrors hung up but for now they are just sitting on the vanity! As far as the living room goes, Jacob was glazing still when I left. If he finishes that today then we need to paint the trim white and pull the carpet up....THAT'S ALL! We are gonna let those hardwoods shine!!! :) Progress is nice!!!!!

Slowly but surely things are falling into place! I love our home so much and we so blessed to be able to save the money doing the work ourselves! I can't wait to move in! Thanks for all of your support and prayers!! Ill continue the updating as we go!

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