Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Girls Weekend Continued!

Here are a few more pictures from girls weekend!!
This was in the world trade center where Amber's dad works!! It was so neat and so much fun!!!
Here is Amber, Her sweet momma and precious Aunt!! They were so much fun to be around and Valorie was so sweet to open her BEAUTIFUL home up to us crazy girls!!
I think this picture is HILARIOUS!! We were playing phase 10 after a few glasses of wine...needless to say we STILL havent finished that game!
Here is all the girls (minus Jill :( at the world trade center)

And here are few more (picture overload I know) of all the girls in the outdoor shopping center where the cheesecake factory was!!! The last two pictures were in the Cheesecake Factory which was AMAZING!! Amber and Jill were supposed to FAKE feed each other cheesecake except Amber really gave Jill a bite!! TOO FUNNY!

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