Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome baby Kipton Lane!

My sweet and beautiful cousin Tara (who happens to be the matron of honor at my wedding!) just added a perfect new addition to our family!!! On Sunday morning at 3 o'clock in the morning Kipton Lane Feagan was born! 6lbs 6oz and he is BEAUTIFUL! I have never held something so tiny in my life! He was an angel! Didn't cry at all and Tara said he hadn't cried since she had him (beings he was only 10 hours old..I'm sure the status has changed!) haha

I caught a couple of pictures of him! The first are of just him with his eyes shut sleeping peacefully...And then there are some with him and Jacob...Oh my goodness it just melted my heart!!!!!! It was the FIRST time Jacob had ever held a brand new baby in his life!!! I think I maybe fell a little more in love (if that's possible..) Kipton opened his eyes for Jacob and was just looking right at him! He wouldnt open them for anyone else!! It was precious!!
Here are some pictures! They will melt your heart too! He's going to be a GREAT daddy (wink, wink...SOMEDAY!!)

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